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I am one of those people who need to have busy hands so whether its stitching or papercrafting, I am always doing something. I also love being in the garden, though hubby does most of the work there these days.

SAL Sunday 2018, 9th September.

      With a lot of  determination I finally got to the bottom, but every ounce of that determinations was required as my mojo has definitely gone off to play somewhere else. I finally put it away last week … Continue reading

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A Card Update …

Just cards this time folks and I will start with the Christmas cards. The monthly theme challenge over at MOCCEWT is a card that isn’t square – something a bit different.  So I thought I would make a couple of … Continue reading

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The good, the bad and the ugly…

Hi folks, The good, was yesterday when I had to pop into town.  The shop I needed to visit was just a few doors from B&M so a little visit whilst in that direction.  Not that there is often much … Continue reading

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Sal Sunday 2018, 18th August.

I have been stitching and at least this time I can say I have made a little progress.  I am still not enjoying stitching the border but as my friend Terri says, its no different to stitching anything else, just … Continue reading

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To Quote Queen….

…. ” I want to break free “. I thought that I needed to post on a regular basis once a week and so created Wonderful Wednesday.  However it is not working out for me.  I chose the day because … Continue reading

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Wonderful Wednesday 8th August 2018

Wow the beautiful weather still continues in the UK though I am happy to say we did have some rain whilst we were away, not a lot but enough to keep the garden looking well.  We had a lovely holiday … Continue reading

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Wonderful Wednesday 25th July 2018

Good afternoon dear readers.  It really is wonderful here again today, we still have the sunshine but, there is a nice little breeze coming through my open window and its very welcome.  I cannot remember when we last had a … Continue reading

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