SAL SUNDAY – 2020 10th May

Good morning everyone – its so nice to be back with the SAL Sunday group.  I have had a good long break from The Garden Alphabet and it was definitely the right thing to do.  Everyone kept saying I was so near the end but at the time I felt as though I was getting nowhere and it would never end.  When I picked it up again almost a month ago now my first thought was how could I have left it so close to the end lol.  I started by frogging what I had started on the last letter Z for Zinnia (the stitching was all over the place) and began afresh and I am pleased to say it went like a breeze .  I have now completed not only the Zinnia but the butterfly, bees and dragonfly to complete the body of the piece.  So just the left border and  I think that will be it done.  So hopefully June will be blooming and I will be onto a new project by then.

This was how it looked the last time I shared which was the 1st September 201928. 2019.9.1and here is how it is looking now 30. 2020.5.8I am sorry its looking so crumpled but I forgot to press it before taking the photo – just try to ignore the fabric.

I am looking forward to spending today being utterly lazy and just breezing through everyone elses posts.  I have managed to keep up to date which what a few of you are doing but I am expecting to see lots of new and exciting projects have appeared and also see amazing progress on some i have not seen for a while.  I am also looking forward to seeing what our newbies are doing as I see a few new names on the list since I was last with you.

Oops just checking through what I had written and notice one of the bees wings have been outlined – well I did to bs round the wings on these bees for some reason then noticed that I hadn’t done it on any other bee so decided to unpick remove it as I actually prefer them without it.  Obviously I only unpicked one of the two so I had better do the other now its been spotted.  It’s funny how looking at a photo we often can see an error that we missed when the stitching was right before our eyes.

If you would like to see what the others in this SAL are up to then please follow the links below Avis, Claire, Gun, Carole, Sue, Constanze, Christina, Kathy, Margaret, Cindy, Heidi, Jackie, Sunny, Hayley, Megan, Deborah, Mary Margaret, Renee, Carmela, Jocelyn, Sharon, Daisy, Anne, Connie, AJ, Jenny, Laura, Cathie, Linda, Sherrie, Helen

Hugs to all

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Cards – challenges and favourites

Happy Monday dear crafty friends.  I am slowly getting back into posting as its only two weeks since my last post.  Not as regular as I would like but better than I have been in the last few months.I will start with the last two weekly challenges.

Week 20 was a shaped or Fancy folded Christmas card, for which I made these two.   I was asked if I had ever won anything in the challenges.  So just in case anyone else has wondered that too then the answer is No.  These challenges are just for fun amongst the friends in our group and they are meant as a challenge to ourselves.  It is completely up to us to choose if we join in or not and so there are no prizes, just the joy of sharing with each other.

Week 21 was food or drink and I chose to do this fat cat with his pudding, and it looks like its not his first.WK 21           This weeks challenge is an all white Christmas Card, but I haven’t made mine yet.

Now for some of my favourites. I will start with this which is for my neighbours 65th birthday which is not until next weekend but she doesn’t get my blog so its safe to share.  Her daughters were taking her for afternoon tea at the famous Ritz Hotel in London, but of course that was cancelled because of the Corona Virus.  However it was my inspiration for this card.                                                                             For Elaine next door

This card was for my friend Karen who moved home last week.For Paul and Karen Fitzpatric

The following were my top three choice.33 FOR CHRIS WHEATLY536 for Oscar

My final selection are just cards I really like but I will put them together in groups and stop chattering so you may browse in peace.



37A SHIONA I wonder if you can guess who this last one was for?

I do hope you enjoyed looking at some of the cards I have made.  I would really love to hear from you if you have a minute or two to leave a comment and I will always reply if possible to do so.  If you don’t have a blog you may still leave a comment by logging into your google account and though I have never tried it I am told you can use your Facebook account too if you wish. If you try it please let me know if you can.

I shall be back next Sunday with  another update on The Garden Alphabet.  It seems impossible that its already over two weeks since the last Sal Sunday update, but I am pleased with the progress I have made so far and may even manage another leaf on the border before I need to take my  next picture to post for you all to see.

Hope you are all staying safe in these strange times.  As always I enclose hugs for those that may want or need them.  So until Sundays its

Hugs from me,

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Playing Catch Up …

It is so hard to think about what to post when you go nowhere and do very little,  I haven’t been out the door for over 4 weeks.  Its hard looking out the window at yet another dull day here and knowing I would be on holiday in Jordan, Petra and Jerusalem at the moment.  Thank goodness I have hobbies to keep me occupied or I would have been climbing the walls by now.  I have stitched and will start with showing you a picture of Daisy which I finished last month DARLINGTON DAISY - MARCH 2020

I have also gone back to stitching The Garden Alphabet, and re-joined my Sunday Sal group.  The next posting for the group is on the 10th May so I will share that with you then.

I wont share all the cards I have made or you would be here all week suffice to say that I have made over 60 this month (and that is excluding Christmas cards).  For my group challenges both weekly and monthly where possible I have tried to recycle old cards.  I am a great believer in trying to use things rather than throw them away and I actually started card making many years ago by using all the old cards my family and neighbours gave me .  I hope I have improved a little since then as I cut out the bits I liked and just stuck them onto a piece of folded card (often taken from the coloured paper scrap books we had when I was a child).

I will start by showing you the monthly cards which are made using a different sketch template each month.

Firstly three are for February and March.  I actually made two for February, as with sketches you can use them any way round you like so for the 2nd one I flipped the sketch to work in the opposite direction.

and just one each for April and May

For the weekly challenges we are given a subject and how you interpret that is up to you. As there are a few of these I will try and do them in group.  Starting with

week 10  – A Christmas Carol                                 Week 11 – Reindeers                                          week 12 – Using an old product                            Week 13 – All that glitters

Week 14 – Snowflakes              Week 15 – Quirky                   Week 16 – Recycle an old card

Week 17 –  Blue and Silver .   I used an old stepper card for this and cut it into three to make two cards.  The first used the back and the second used the two steps which and for this i blended a background and added a silver moon then layered the two steps for a dimensional card.

and lastly you will be relieved to know is

Week 18 Flowers and Foliage            and              Week 19  A Steampunk Christmas

Neither of these were recycled as i had nothing that fit the bill for these themes.  The last one was well out of my comfort zone but once I settled down and got an idea in my head I quite enjoyed this challenge.

I had intended finishing up with a few of my favourite cards from this month but I think you have seen enough cards to last for a little while.  If I can get my head back into gear and start posting a little more often then maybe I will share some of those another time.

I hope everyone is staying home and is safe and well.  I am dreaming of being able to walk round one of our local garden centres and then stopping in their coffee shop to have a nice cappaccino or latte and a home made cake.  We are lucky here as we have three to choose from and they are all family run independent centres.  So each quite different to the other and certainly different from the main garden centre chains that we have in this country now.  I would love to know what you are looking forward to when you are free to go out and about again.

As always sending warm hugs to those who need them















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March is fading …

and I am finding it hard to face the fact that I haven’t posted since the middle of February.

Well I do apologise dear readers, and I really don’t have much of an excuse.  Of course the world has turned upside down for us here in the UK, but then I guess no matter where you are in the world it is the same for you too.  Is there anywhere that has managed to completely avoid this dreaded virus.  I hope where possible you are all staying home and staying safe.

At the end of February we went off to the first of three early holidays we had booked.  It was to Andalucia in Spain.  We were staying in a beautiful little town called Antequera.  Our first day was spent wandering around but we didn’t bother going up to the castle as we thought we would leave that until the last day of the holiday when we had another free day.  The town was busy the shops and cafes were quaint and the temperature was 30 degrees, all just perfect.  The following day we went with our party of 26 people to Cordoba.  Another beautiful little town.  Where we visited amongst other places a beautiful Mosque.  This was very different to any Mosque we had ever visited before as it had been used for other religious too until the 11th century when it had been converted to a Christian Church.  It was like a massive Mosque with a church built in the middle of it.  If you ever get the chance this place is well worth a visit.  Though I took the photos on my ipad so I haven’t got any here to share with you.

The following day (the Saturday) we set out for Granada, another beautiful city.  On the way our tour guide got a call to say that the Cathedral we were supposed to be visiting had been closed.  A small disappointment but nothing to worry about.  However as the day went on one after another of the places that were on our itenary we found had been closed.  Though the town was busy many of the shops had also been closed.

On arriving back to our hotel we found the reason.  We would not be going on any more of our tours as Spain had declared a State of Emergency.  The hotel was locked and we would not be leaving again until we went home.  A little daunting but we good food, good company and the sun was shining so we would make the best of it.  The bar was closed but there were glasses and wine etc on a table in the lounge and we could help ourselves and sign for what we had on a trust basis.    However on the Monday evening as we were having dinner the police drove by and decided we were too close together and the restruant was to be closed and we were to stay in our rooms.  Tuesday was three meals of white bread sandwiches, and a bottle of water.  Luckily we had some biscuits in our room and managed to save ourselves from starving on those lol.  We however were allowed to go out our rooms for exercise walking round the hotel and in the courtyard (swimming pool had been closed).  So between meals we all walked in the courtyard and got round total isolation that way.  Wednesday we were flown home.  We left Malaga airport with the staff all masked up and looking like something from Star Wars to arrived back in the uk where everything seemed completely normal – not a mask in site no health check (which we were all expecting) and vague advice that we would be best to isolate ourselves for 14 days.  This changed when we saw on tv that as the so called “elderly” over 70 but not old I can assure you.  We had to self isolate for 12 weeks, so we are being good and following the advice.  Our son and a couple of close neighbours have shopped when necessary and as we get our medication through a postal service we are doing fine now.  Our next holiday in April was to Jordan, Petra and Jerusalem obviously that will no longer be going ahead and the May trip touring Scotland (all hotels and B&B’s booked in advance) will not be going ahead either.  The only other trip we have booked is not until November so we are keeping our fingers crossed that one may go ahead.

Take care each and everyone of you and do your very best to stay safe.  Hopefully if we all obey the rules we may get back to normal sooner rather than later.

Blessings and Hugs to you all


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FEBRUARY – half way.

Good morning crafty friends,

It’s hard to believe that we are half way through February already.  Its been another busy month for me so far.  On the stitching front I have at last completed the blanket stitch on Daisy.  I decided to add a few more eyelets round the corners now that there was somewhere to put them.  Two corners complete and two to go before the cutting.  So here is how she is looking now.2020.2.15

At the beginning of February my lovely hubby treated me to a new toy:-My new Scan n' Cut CM900

and here it is a Brother Scan N’ Cut CM900.  I love it.  Mind you it took me two weeks of reading the manual, watching videos and playing on screen before I had the courage to cut anything out lol.  The pens were also included but so far I haven’t tried these.  This is the first card I made.


Its a design by Shirley Young who now sells her designs on Crafts U Print.  Though I bought this a good few years back (directly from Shirley)  and have used it before with my Silhouette Portrait, which I have now given to my daughter.  As it was a design I knew I thought it was a good one to make that initial cut with.  I also cut all the bits for this one out on the machine.DSCF7674  something I could easily have done with the guillotine but it was so much quicker, easier and more accurate cut on the machine.  I was even able to scan one of my cards for recycling and place an oval just where I wanted it to cut, which I loved. I used it as my January Sketch Challenge (a little late but we were late getting the first Sketch challenge of the year at my group.  I am looking forward to cutting more of the cards I have for recycling in this way.

Lastly I made this one.  The pattern was on the *Canvas workspace but was supposed to be used with sticky backed plastic to put a design on a lap top case.  I liked it and adapted it for a card.  I am saving this for week 9 challenge which is A Black and White card. DSCF7702 I did the Jingle Bells file myself.

I need to sort out the cards I have made so far this month.  Most are still on the camera at the moment but will try and get back soon too share some with you.

Thank you for taking the time to visit once again

Hugs to all


*Canvas workspace is like a design pad on the computer where you can design, alter and or resize them before sending them to the Scan N’ Cut to be drawn or cut.  This was done by connecting your machine to the computer via a wire connection but with this model I am lucky enough to be able to send the designs via interned so no wires needed.

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January so far

Good morning crafty friends.  Its lovely and bright and sunny here today though it is probably also cold outside but I have no intentions of going out to investigate.

I have been a busy little bee on the card front and so far this month I have made 67 Christmas cards and 19 birthday anniversary card.  If anyone is counting that’s 86 cards so far this year.  I have one more anniversary card to make for February and then I hope to get my March ones done.  We normally try to squeeze in two or three breaks during the cold days of winter so I am trying to get ahead before hubby starts getting wander lust.  First I want to share  week 4 challenge – emboss it.  I stamped the topper and used white embossing powder  then blended distress ink over the top of it in an Ombre effect.  However I think I needed darker colours as the white embossing does not show well.  I also used a little paint to highlight the girl and the flower.  I am not very happy with this one, but it will have to do for the time being as we have a lot on in the next week or two.

challenge Wk 4

I will not bore you to death with 67 Christmas cards but here are a few of the upcycled ones I have done so far.  I will leave you in peace to browse them.

I hope you enjoyed your little taste of Christmas in January.

Sending hugs to all who want or need them.



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Hello and welcome to friends old and new.  I will start with wishing you and your loved ones  all the best of health and happiness for 2020.

As usual we have been very busy with lots of appointments and family commitments and lots of crafting fitted in where possible which means my poor old blog is the one that gets pushed to the side for tomorrow.  Thank goodness tomorrow has arrived at last.  I will start with Daisy – hurray! the blanket stitch has been completed on one side – 3 more to go.   stitching

Now on to cards.  First the group I belong to does a weekly card theme throughout the year and  last year I didn’t take part, but this year I thought it might be fun – if there is something we don’t want to do then we just miss the only rule is that there is a word or phrase to interpret as and if you want.  So far we have had three challenges.

Week 1 – Red Sky Challenge wk 1

Week  – Parcels / Ribbons  ( made two for this week).

Week 3 – A Christmas card suitable for a man.   My fall back when it comes to men’s cards is usually to go for birds or animals (preferring wild animals).  This wolf from a painting by Pollyanna Pickering is a favourite though I have a number of favourites from this collection.Challenge wk 3This year I have been lucky enough to have been given 2019 Christmas cards from a number of people and I have been busy over the last week making over 20 cards so far. As well lots of other cards too. The last of my January cards was posted to day and I have made  10 Birthday and 1 Wedding Anniversary card for February so far.  I have a couple more February birthdays but they are getting a couple of the parchment cards I shared at the end of December.  I am hoping to start on March birthdays soon but I want to do some more upcycled Christmas cards first.  I do like to get ahead with birthday cards as one never knows what life can throw your way, and we do like our holidays so they take a lot of time away from the craft room.

I really do hope to get back to you soon and show some of the upcycled cards I have made.

Thank you for your visit and please feel free to leave a comment I love hearing from you.

Hug to you all




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