Alpaca my bags !!!

Good morning crafty friends.  Just a few cards to share this morning.  Firstly from one of my newish stamp sets and the card that inspired the title for this post;- DSCF7027

Next I needed a Get Well card for a friend who had just come out of hospital after having had an operation.  I wanted something bright and cheerful to cheer her up  and though of this pretty decoupage I knew I had.   57908980_2250694311664952_6272204934377111552_n

Whilst  looking through the decoupage box I found a few more that I wanted to use.  Firstly this little piggy.  Which was included in a bag of mixed sheets I bought in a sale some time ago. DSCF7028not one I would have chosen but he is quite cute.

Lastly for today are these two, which were actually in the wrong place as they are more like toppers (only a couple of little flowers to decoupage.  The two were on the same sheet so they both got used.

I did sort a few more decoupage sheets which I am still busy cutting around at the moment but you will see them in due course.

So that’s all for today apart from to thank you for once again visiting my little bit of crafting world.




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Using some of my stash.

A very Happy Easter to all my crafty friends.   I am starting bey sharing some of the cards I have made using a few of my new stamps.

28 The butterfly I have had for a while its a pretty big stamp and has a steampunk feel to it but I am not really into grungy cards so I gave it a pretty slant.  Its not that I don’t like the grungy ones but I never feel as though I make a success of them.   30I loved this as soon as I saw it as it reminded me of our holiday in Lake Garda, Italy.  It really didn’t need much in the way of colouring so its fairly plain and may not be to everyones taste.                             29This was a bit of an experiment for me.  I saw something similar where the card had been really wet when the paint was used and so the colours had run.  However it had a lovely vibrancy about it and  I felt in my case this has ended up feeling a little washed out.  I am fairly new to using watercolour paints and I am told that having the colours washy and running into each other is the whole point but I would value an opinion from you.

The rest are just small 5 x5 cards and one 5×7 card using some of the smaller stamps.

Lastly I have one of the dies I got for Mothers Day.  It fit perfectly with some tiny toppers and so I made a batch of them.


Hope you enjoyed looking.  I love sharing with you all.



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Little Hardanger

Hi to all my crafty friends.  I have a happy dance to day as the Little Hardanger is finished.  There are still a few threads poking out here and there but I usually give it a few days to settle before I bother to try and sort them out.  They disappear over time anyway, but I do like to get rid of as many as possible.  So not to keep you in suspense any lover her it is. DSCF7021

I am really pleased with it and Kathy’s instructions for doing the picot stitch in the centre were brilliant.  I have never seen them done this way before, but it is the first time I have ever done picots and been really pleased with them so thanks very much Kathy.

All for now folks



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Picture This….

Good morning my crafty friends.  I don’t know if any of the card makers amongst you have found the Picture This stamps yet.  They were only launched at the end of last year, but they are BRILLIANT.  Each stamp or stamp set will stand alone but they can also be stamped together or cut and layered to make a bigger picture.  Mainly quirky cottages and houses, but there are a set of cars, a set of little people to add and bigger people that make a focal point in front of the buildings or on their own.  I love them and bought six when I was at Ally Pally.  There are a whole lot more of the building I would love though.

These are the first two cards I have made with them and are quite simple but oh I can see so many possibilities and so much fun ahead, playing with these.

3332This one joins 4 of the buildings together and had I thought of doing this when I was first colouring them I would have done the colours in front of the buildings all the same and cut them out so they fit a little better along the bottom, but its a lesson I have learnt for the future.

If you are interested then visit them—hello-and-welcome.  I have no affiliation to this company but I am a new fan and potential addict lol.

Hope you like them as you will be seeing more in the future.




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More Christmas Cards

Good morning my dear crafty friends.  Once again I have been making a batch of Christmas cards.  This time many have been made using some of the  lovely toppers I have been gifted recently.  Most of this post is pictures of these cards so if you are not interested then please feel free to leave now.  If you go any further then at least you have been warned.

This makes seventy one Christmas cards so far this year.  I have a way to go yet though.



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Stash Bonanza

Good morning dear crafty friends.  I thought I would share with you the bonanza of crafty things I seem to have acquired in recent weeks.

It started with lots of lovely toppers from Janet F ( I seem to have an abundance of friends called either Jan or Janet hence they always get a letter after their name to distinguish them).  This is what I received:-

from Jan Fleming TNS

Then whilst visiting a nearby town I discovered these in a charity shop and bagged them all for the princely sum of £2.00 DSCF6934 Next came Mothers Day when I got beautiful flowers from my son, and from my daughter I got stash.  She is always inclined to spoil me on mothers day but this year she really went to town.  Look what I got : –

Lastly the past weekend was my annual trip to Ally Pally (The Alexandra Palace)  Craft Show, when my daughter and I have a day of sharing our love of crafting.  I spent far too much as seems to be the norm when we visit craft shows and here is what I bought. DSCF6937

Before visiting Ally Pally I had been making another lot of Christmas cards and since visiting I decided to get on with using things I had not used before.  I will try and share these things with you soon.

Hope you enjoyed sharing all my new goodies.  Look forward to seeing you all again soon.





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Sal Sunday – 7th April 2019

I have made a start on Y though I have done little stitching lately as I find it harder to do when the skies are so grey.  Give me a nice sunny day and I can stitch by the window from dawn till dusk and stitch but I just do not seem to be able to focus for long when there are dull skies.  Oh blue sky please come and visit again soon.  Anyway here is where I am, and its not much to show I’m afraid. Y for Yarrow – which is also apparently called Achillea.  I didn’t realise this and have Achillea growing in my garden but had to look Yarrow up, which is when I found that it had the two names.2019.4.7

Although I don’t have much to show I am sure the others will have so please visit them too.  We all are working on different projects and we are scattered all over the world so please allow for different time zones too.  Of course you are always welcome to join us and if you would like to then please contact Avis, (first link below).

Avis, Claire, Gun, Carole, Jess, Sue, Constanze, Debbierose, Christina, Kathy, Margaret, CindyLinda, Heidi, Jackie, Sunny, Hayley, Megan, Catherine, Deborah, Connie, Clare, Mary Margaret, Renee, Jenny, Carmela, Jocelyn, Sharon

All for now





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