FEBRUARY – half way.

Good morning crafty friends,

It’s hard to believe that we are half way through February already.  Its been another busy month for me so far.  On the stitching front I have at last completed the blanket stitch on Daisy.  I decided to add a few more eyelets round the corners now that there was somewhere to put them.  Two corners complete and two to go before the cutting.  So here is how she is looking now.2020.2.15

At the beginning of February my lovely hubby treated me to a new toy:-My new Scan n' Cut CM900

and here it is a Brother Scan N’ Cut CM900.  I love it.  Mind you it took me two weeks of reading the manual, watching videos and playing on screen before I had the courage to cut anything out lol.  The pens were also included but so far I haven’t tried these.  This is the first card I made.


Its a design by Shirley Young who now sells her designs on Crafts U Print.  Though I bought this a good few years back (directly from Shirley)  and have used it before with my Silhouette Portrait, which I have now given to my daughter.  As it was a design I knew I thought it was a good one to make that initial cut with.  I also cut all the bits for this one out on the machine.DSCF7674  something I could easily have done with the guillotine but it was so much quicker, easier and more accurate cut on the machine.  I was even able to scan one of my cards for recycling and place an oval just where I wanted it to cut, which I loved. I used it as my January Sketch Challenge (a little late but we were late getting the first Sketch challenge of the year at my group.  I am looking forward to cutting more of the cards I have for recycling in this way.

Lastly I made this one.  The pattern was on the *Canvas workspace but was supposed to be used with sticky backed plastic to put a design on a lap top case.  I liked it and adapted it for a card.  I am saving this for week 9 challenge which is A Black and White card. DSCF7702 I did the Jingle Bells file myself.

I need to sort out the cards I have made so far this month.  Most are still on the camera at the moment but will try and get back soon too share some with you.

Thank you for taking the time to visit once again

Hugs to all


*Canvas workspace is like a design pad on the computer where you can design, alter and or resize them before sending them to the Scan N’ Cut to be drawn or cut.  This was done by connecting your machine to the computer via a wire connection but with this model I am lucky enough to be able to send the designs via interned so no wires needed.

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January so far

Good morning crafty friends.  Its lovely and bright and sunny here today though it is probably also cold outside but I have no intentions of going out to investigate.

I have been a busy little bee on the card front and so far this month I have made 67 Christmas cards and 19 birthday anniversary card.  If anyone is counting that’s 86 cards so far this year.  I have one more anniversary card to make for February and then I hope to get my March ones done.  We normally try to squeeze in two or three breaks during the cold days of winter so I am trying to get ahead before hubby starts getting wander lust.  First I want to share  week 4 challenge – emboss it.  I stamped the topper and used white embossing powder  then blended distress ink over the top of it in an Ombre effect.  However I think I needed darker colours as the white embossing does not show well.  I also used a little paint to highlight the girl and the flower.  I am not very happy with this one, but it will have to do for the time being as we have a lot on in the next week or two.

challenge Wk 4

I will not bore you to death with 67 Christmas cards but here are a few of the upcycled ones I have done so far.  I will leave you in peace to browse them.

I hope you enjoyed your little taste of Christmas in January.

Sending hugs to all who want or need them.



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Hello and welcome to friends old and new.  I will start with wishing you and your loved ones  all the best of health and happiness for 2020.

As usual we have been very busy with lots of appointments and family commitments and lots of crafting fitted in where possible which means my poor old blog is the one that gets pushed to the side for tomorrow.  Thank goodness tomorrow has arrived at last.  I will start with Daisy – hurray! the blanket stitch has been completed on one side – 3 more to go.   stitching

Now on to cards.  First the group I belong to does a weekly card theme throughout the year and  last year I didn’t take part, but this year I thought it might be fun – if there is something we don’t want to do then we just miss the only rule is that there is a word or phrase to interpret as and if you want.  So far we have had three challenges.

Week 1 – Red Sky Challenge wk 1

Week  – Parcels / Ribbons  ( made two for this week).

Week 3 – A Christmas card suitable for a man.   My fall back when it comes to men’s cards is usually to go for birds or animals (preferring wild animals).  This wolf from a painting by Pollyanna Pickering is a favourite though I have a number of favourites from this collection.Challenge wk 3This year I have been lucky enough to have been given 2019 Christmas cards from a number of people and I have been busy over the last week making over 20 cards so far. As well lots of other cards too. The last of my January cards was posted to day and I have made  10 Birthday and 1 Wedding Anniversary card for February so far.  I have a couple more February birthdays but they are getting a couple of the parchment cards I shared at the end of December.  I am hoping to start on March birthdays soon but I want to do some more upcycled Christmas cards first.  I do like to get ahead with birthday cards as one never knows what life can throw your way, and we do like our holidays so they take a lot of time away from the craft room.

I really do hope to get back to you soon and show some of the upcycled cards I have made.

Thank you for your visit and please feel free to leave a comment I love hearing from you.

Hug to you all




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Christmas Update for 2019

Hello my crafty friends – First may I wish you all every happiness for the Christmas season, I hope you will all by able to share at least part of it with loved ones whether they be family or friends.

Now to what I have been up to – We started December with another couple of weeks in the sunshine.  Or to be more exact that was the plan.  However the first week although the sun shone we were mainly wearing coats as there were 40 mile an hour winds in Lanzarote.  The second week thankfully the wind dropped and the temperatures climbed a little higher each day.  It was wonderful – I love the sun and it makes such a difference to my pain levels.  If it was not for the fact I would miss my family too much then I would spend the whole of the winter away from this horrid, dark and damp weather we have been having recently in the UK.

In the last few days I have actually picked up a needle again and I am now almost to the bottom of the first side of the blanket stitch on Daisy.  I haven’t taken a picture as it really doesn’t look that much different from the last picture.  But hey ho its a mild return of my stitching mojo.

As I said last time I have been busy with cards.  These three are Parchment cards done during the last couple of weeks.  My first Christmas card for next year and a couple of February birthdays.   P1P4P3

and here are a few of the birthday cards I made recently.  This first one if for my son whose birthday is today.  Today is also the shortest day of the year so hopefully the days will be starting to get longer again from now on.

DSCF7386DSCF738873The remainder are a few of the many Christmas cards I have made in the last few weeks.  Starting with the one for my daughter.  DSCF7373

As this is really only a small selection of what I have made then you can understand just why I have not been around too much.

Thank you for your visit and for once more taking the time to listen to my ramblings.

Again I hope that you have a wonderful year and I do hope that this is not the last time I will see you during 2019.

As usual I send

Hugs to those who want or need them


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Where did it go?

The last time I posted here was the 13th October.  Well they say time flies but I really don’t know where that went.  I was quite poorly a couple of weeks after we returned from holiday in Italy so the promised photos never got sorted.  Never mind they will keep for another day.  Since then we have also been on another holiday this time to Lanzarote.  The plan being to get some much needed sunshine as these cold damp days make for a lot of pain in my back and hips.  However the first week though it had beautiful sunshine twinkling down from the sky it was accompanied by 40 mile an hour winds.  Hubby said they were not cold winds but my back told another story.  Apart from that it was hard to walk anywhere, it took my breath away and almost knocked the legs from under me. I am glad to say the middle of the holiday saw the wind drop and though we had a breeze most afternoons it was no more than normal for Lanzarote, and the temperatures soared a little higher each day.  Bliss I was almost pain free and I could walk far easier.

Of course holidays mean stitching time.  I took my hardanger “Daisy”  (pre cut as I like to have good light for cutting.  I also took “Wildlife of the hedgerow” which is a project I have only ever stitched on holidays.

If you wish to see a before picture of Daisy then look here.

This is how she looks now –  with just the blanket stitch left to do. Blanket stitch, even after all my years of doing hardanger is something I still find difficult for some reason so its a slow and laborious job I’m afraid. DSCF7407

I also did a little on the other project I took.   The first picture is from when I last stitched on this – 6th April, 2018 (another where did time go moment).10.2018.4.3and this is now.  Not a lot to show but it is progress for all that.   DSCF7406

I think this is needing to go into the ufo box as I cannot see me getting a lot of stitching done one our next planned adventure.

I have made lots of cards recently but this is the only one I can share.  It is for a lovely Indian lady who was celebrating her 70th birthday with a surprise party down in London.  It was last weekend and as her son had arranged it and he is a friend of ours we were invited and it was great fun.   DSCF7400  I love a challenge and it was great fun making something different to my normal cards.

This morning I have just finished a parchment card that’s taken me about 6 hours to do.  I have taken a picture and will share it with you next time.

Hope to see you again soon, and sending many hugs to all those who need or want them.



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Regarding SAL Sunday.

I am so sorry but I have dropped out of the SAL for the time being.  Unfortunately I didn’t let Avis know until yesterday so she will have been unable to let you know in time either.

I am up to my eyes in Christmas cards at the moment and my mojo is still on holiday where Garden Alphabet is concerned.  I thought a little break from it may refresh my enthusiasm and it will certainly relieve the stress I am feeling with this at the moment.

I hope to be back with you all after Christmas, and will try and visit some of you to keep up with your stitching in the meantime.



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Holiday Stitching – Daisy

Since returning from holiday, almost two weeks ago now, we have hardly stopped.  I have had very little time to stitch and even less for cardmaking.  As our holiday was a tour, I knew I wouldn’t have a lot of time for stitching but Daisy was well on her way so she seemed to be the ideal companion for this trip.  I knew I could stitch on the aircraft and also there would be times when we would get two hour stints on the coach travelling between destinations.  This was the only time I got for stitching but I am pleased to say I actually managed to finish the stitching part of this project during my flight home.  Here is how she looked when we got home. DSCF7306       I have since getting home managed to cut one of the triangles and have almost finished wrapping the bars on that.  Today I hope to finish the few bars left and then its back to Garden Alphabet ready for the next SAL post.  However I do hope to give you a short run down of our wonderful tour before then.

I have also managed one card since getting back, it was a get well card for a friend who was undergoing a very major operation.  I hope she liked the get well card I made. DSCF7308Well that’s all I have to share for now folks.  I do hope you are all well and thank you for your visit.






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