All About Me:

Hi Welcome to my bit of space.  Click the link above to visit my blog where I share my love of card making and stitching, and occasionally other things, like holidays or places I have visited.  My name is Helen, I am wife, mum of two and granny to a wonderful  16 year old grandson.

Thanks to my darling son, this is all back to normal again now.


7 Responses to All About Me:

  1. Hi Helen, I’ve popped in via Amy’s Five on Friday. Your stitching is amazing, thank you for sharing these lovely images. Hope you have a good weekend. x


  2. dusty4347 says:

    gorgeous needlework Helen !!


    • Thank you Dusty though I did not realise I had put the link up wrong and it took you to my home page and not the blog page were my Five on Friday were posted. If you want to have another look at the correct post then its here at


  3. diane says:

    My gosh you have an abundance of talent, these designs are just gorgeous.

    Hugs Diane


  4. beautiful embroidery Helen..


  5. love it. its beautiful!


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