Sal Sunday – 7th Oct 2017

I cannot believe it but not only did I miss the last SAL Sunday but it has been six weeks since I last blogged.  I have in general been trying to avoid using the computer so much.  Having had a few migraine, which seemed to be connected to long periods on the computer, there seemed to be a need for that action and it has worked.  Though in general I have not been too good over the last month so there is that too.  If I had been around to post last time you would not have seen any progress as there had been no stitching for over a month, well a little but not on my SAL piece.  However a week and a half ago I suddenly felt the urge to go back to GE so here is how it was last time DSCF5498I am now please to tell you that all those little crosses are done, and I have now started on the back stitching, which in itself is another mountain to climb, but hey ho, I never thought all the cross stitch  would ever be done so that warranted its own little happy dance. DSCF5620

you may be able to spot the start of the bs on the two ladies on the far left.

This is a SAL with a difference as we are all working on very different projects, the aim being to encourage each other to reduce our UFO lists and turn them into finished works.  Please visit the other blogs and see what everyone else has been up to.


CindyStephLindaCatherine,  Mary Margaret, Timothy

My charity Christmas cards are now all done and have moved on to pastures new.  I took a box of almost 200 down to the local school during last week, ready for their Christmas fayre.

I thought I would share this one, made yesterday, which my cousin asked me to make for her special friend.DSCF5622


I have now started on my own Christmas cards but as a number of my friends look at this blog I will not be showing them until they have all been posted and received as all my cards are on a theme this year – so though I do not batch make (no not even for Christmas cards), I cannot show one without giving away my theme.

Well that is all for now folks.  Hope  to be with you again soon







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SAL Sunday – again

wow that has come round so fast this time, maybe because I have not been doing too much stitching.  I am getting close to the end in more ways than one.  Two of the threads I managed to make stretch to the last stitch and two I have ran out of with a few more stitches to do.  I am not too worried about this as there are conversion charts out there and for how little is left it will not (I hope) be noticeable if there is a tiny variation in the colour.  At least I do now know that both sides will meet in the middle as they should. So here is where it was last time around.DSCF5310and this is how it looks this morningDSCF5498

This SAL is great, everyone is working on their own chosen project and at their own pace, so unlike other SALs there is no competition; just a great bunch of people who have your back and give you lots of encouragement to stick with it.  So the ideal platform, for those like me, who are struggling with old ufo’s, or big projects, that they really would love to see finished.  If you would like to join us then please contact Avis (first on the list) and in the mean time why not have a trip round the world and see what other projects are being done.

Avis, Claire, Gun, Carole, LucyAnn, Kate, Jess, Sue, Constanze, Debbierose, Christina, Kathy, Margaret, Cindy, Helen, Steph, Linda, Catherine, Mary Margaret, Timothy, Heidi, Connie.

I have a few more Christmas cards to share but will save them for another day.  I will however share what I am playing with at the moment.

As anyone who follows my blog on a regular basis will know I am addicted to stamps.  I have lots, but what I do not have is the skills to go with them.  So determined to get to grips with this I have been playing with my new birthday stamps.  the one with the fawn, is my first attempt at masking to do a background.  I so admire those who stamp, and the versatility that stamping brings to card making.  I have even treated myself to some lovely water colour card – though at the moment I am still working on scraps from my left over box. These two are from a lovely Hobby Art stamp set called Fawn and Flora, from my lovely friend Terri.

So back to playing now and later I will do my visiting to see what everyone else is up to.

Hugs to you all




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The C word

I know C standards for Christmas, which I have to tell you gets closer each day.  However is also stands for Card, Cute, Colouring and Cats.  So if you hate all of those then I shouldn’t bother reading on.

As you will have gathered I have been making Christmas cards (so many to do and time is getting shorter), but as I just sent a big box of mixed cards off to the Pahara Trust, Nepal, these will all be for our local school when they have their Christmas Fayre.

I think they are all cute this time so first I will go with the ones I have coloured.

Then we have Cats



I hoped you enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed making them.

Lastly I will leave you with a picture of all the lovely crafty things I received for my recent birthday.


If you wonder why there is a magazine at the back, it was the gift from my grandson and he chose it because it came with a large selection of beautiful Joanna Sheen stamps (they are just on top of the magazine to the right), and he knew that I loved Joanna Sheen things.   I read a post on recently from Mrs P at Craft Odyssey, and she was amazed that her grandson knew what her favourite detective program was, well this amazed me just as much.  My grandson is a little older than hers but I still didn’t think he took at much, if any, notice when I was rambling on about crafting lol.

Well that’s all for now but I will be back on Sunday with my Sal update, three weeks has just flown by and its that time again.

Hugs to you all








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A bit of this and that:-

Good afternoon from a beautifully sunny Derbyshire.  First of all I wish to thank everyone for the lovely birthday greetings.  We had a lovely week in the Cotswolds, mainly visiting National Trust and walking in some of the lovely gardens.  At Upton Park I took lots of pictures of the deer and was able to get so close to them. They are on my ipad and I haven’t downloaded them yet so will share a few when I do.

I took my holiday stitching but didn’t make much progress as by the time we had dinner and got back to our room at night I was too shattered to anything much.  This was how it looked before we left home.DSCF5190This is the progress made;7 WILDLIFE OF THE HEDGEROW - AUGUST 2017 at least there is a little less green to stitch next time lol.

Amongst the gifts I recieved for my birthday,( I am a lucky bunny as most of it has been craft stuff and I will share soon), was a cd to add to my graphics program.  I have Craft Studio, and this cd contained four digi kits for parchment.  One was all frames, one was butterflies an another was flowers,  the last which I haven’t used yet was lace. Each of the digi kits contains a minimum of 50 designs and the card below contains just two of them, a frame and a butterfly.  I designed two cards and printed them off on parchment paper.  One I have made into a card and when I have completed the other I hope to make that into a card too.  But here is a picture of the first one I madeCHARITY 1My hand was not too steady when embossing the circle but otherwise I am really pleased with it.  I don’t know why the little daisy in the bottom corner closed up – maybe it was feeling shy, but its opened again now lol.

The only other card I have made so far this month is this one, which again uses  another  of my birthday gifts – the Sue Wilson, Hobnail Vase die.CHARITY 2

I am obviously slacking on the card front this month, but after making 98 cards last month I feel I am allowed to have a bit of a breather this month.  Guess I will soon get back into things.

Well that’s all for now, so thank you for taking the time to read.  I am  now going to sit in the garden and read for a bit – we have to make the most of the sunshine we get in the UK.

Hugs to all who need or want them.


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Early Sal Update.

5th August – it is my birthday and hubby is taking me away for a week.  I have no idea where only that we will remain in the uk.  So as I have no idea how to set a timed post I am posting this morning before we leave.

Not had a lot of stitching time this time as those who read here on a regular basis will know I had a marathon card making session and stitching time went out the window.  Having said that I  think think you will see

some progress.  So this was last time

DSCF5310and this timeDSCF5411I shall be taking my holiday stitching “Wildlife of the Hedgerow”, but not knowing where we are going I have no idea if I will have time for stitching or not.  Hoping for a little less rain and a little more sunshine.

I will try and look and comment on everyone else’s SAL but just in case I do not have the time I will do a catch up when I get back.

Please take the time to checkout what everyone else is doing as we are all working on different projects, and as we live all over the world you may need to allow for time differences.   I would also like to take the opportunity to give a big WELCOME to two new members who are joining us, they are Heidi and Connie.  If you would like to join us too please contact Avis (first link below).

Avis, Claire, Gun, Carole, LucyAnn, Kate, Jess, Sue, Constanze, Debbierose, Christina, Kathy, Margaret, Cindy, Helen, Steph, Linda, Catherine, Mary Margaret, Timothy, Heidi, Connie

Hugs to you all


















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July round up

Hi everyone,  I am going to start today by sharing a couple of pictures of the Wisteria in my garden.  These were taken a couple of weeks back as it had its second flowering of the year – never as good as the first but not bad in my opinion

DSCF4979DSCF4980 (1)


Next I want to share just a few cards that were made before I began the marathon (see last post lol).

The first two I was asked to make by a friend.  Instructions were that the first one was for the friend she made on her first day at school – aged 4.  As they are now in their late 50s and still the best of friends so she wanted something special and I could throw as much glitter and bling at it as I liked.Xmade to order 2a

it doesn’t show well but there are little gems in all the flowers along the fence and lots of glitter around.  The second was for her daughter and again was left to me, with the instruction  of no glitter or  bling on this one, and something with an animal on if possible.  So here is what I made.  I did add two small gems to the centre of the flowers, and some Glossy Accents to the fruit round the border.  Other than that I tried to make it special by using decoupage.  I am pleased to say she was thrilled with both cards. Xmade to order 1

This one was done for my cousins daughter AmyXFOR AMY, another one who doesn’t like bling lol .  And a few charity ones I didn’t show earlier in the month.

The last thing I have to share with you today is the card I received from Joanna Sheen which contained the voucher I won, and what I chose to use if for.  This is the sweet little card XGIFT VOUCHER FROM JOANNA SHEENE

and I chose to put the voucher towards thisXone summers day 2

It is a card craft CD.  I love cd’s as it means I can use the images as many times as I want and size them to suit what I want to make.  This one has over 80 individual and completely different images.  I love Joanna Sheens cds because you always get value for money – not half a dozen images placed in different frames or settings to make them look more, or the same images done in a dozen different colourways.  After all their are lots of tools out there, whether you are  printing or cutting, to help you make a plain square picture into lots of shapes and colours.

I hope you have enjoyed what I had to share today.














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The Magpie in me

Chatting with another crafting friend recently she was telling me of her new craft room and the clearing out of her old one.  She remarked that she had found a box full of the most boring decoupage and couldn’t imagine why she had bought it in the first place, then laughing she asked if I wanted it for my charity cards.  Well how could the magpie in me refuse.  So I have cut out and pressed out decoupage and put into little bags for over a week now (alas it was eating into stitching time but it had to be done and I am now stitching again in the evenings).  All this cutting, pressing out etc has led to  a marathon card making stint and e13 I will share some of them with you .  I have done my best to make these look modern and cheerful and I am sure there will be someone who likes them, maybe just because they are different.  I have grouped them together so there is not so much to scroll through.


Well if you have reached this point you deserve a medal and I thank you so much for sticking with it.  Next time I will try to have a post that is a little more interesting (I don’t think that will be too hard.

Hugs to you all










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