SAL SUNDAY – Garden Alphabet 4

I am out of the country at present so this has been scheduled to post on the next SAL date.  I do hope it arrives OK.

I didn’t have time for much stitching this time so just a little more done on the border. Just one and a bit Ivy leaves but at least it was a little progress.

DSCF5809Please take a few minutes to visit the other blogs and see what they are up to.

Avis, Claire, Gun, Carole, LucyAnn, Kate, Jess, Sue, Constanze, Debbierose, Christina,
Kathy, Margaret, Cindy,  Steph, Linda, Catherine, Mary Margaret,
Heidi, Connie, Jackie

All for now


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A quick update on dolls and cards.

DSCF5810Another doll done, and almost at the halfway mark now.

A couple of cards made with toppers I had made at my craft group last week.  One of the other girls was helping me with my blending techniques which I hadn’t been happy with.DSCF5805DSCF5806The speckles of white at the bottom of the black card were just a little glitter residue which has now been wiped away.

Well that’s it for now folks, see you again soon.



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SUNDAY SAL – Garden Alphabet 3

This is the progress made this time.  On the left is the squirrel which completed this line, and then trying to be good I did a little more of the border – but this time I worked on the other side.  I am hoping I can get some more done to both borders before my holiday.

So you can compare this is how it looked the last time you saw a whole picture2017.11.19aand this is how it looks today.  I am over half way now.7. 2018.1.20

I also wanted to card a couple of childrens birthday cards I made this week.  They are both for my friend Terri’s grandchildren.

First for her grandson AnakinFOR ANAKIN

and the second is for her Grandaughter Thea.FOR THEATheir birthdays are a month apart but its easier to post both their card and gifts to Granny at the same time.

If you have a little time, why not look what the others in this SAL are up to.  We all work on our own projects so there is a very varied selection.  Also we are all over the world so allow for different time zones.

That’s all for now folks,











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Dolls, Cards & I’m Spoilt

2018.1.16 My Pressy From HubbyI have been spoilt as hubby treated me this morning to a lovely lavender sewing machine.  We were in Aldi when I saw it and it cost the great sum of £19.99 ( for my friends in the US that’s about 27 to 28 us dollars lol).  I am not planning on a new wardrobe or making a heirloom quilt but for just making up stitched ornaments I think it will be ideal.  Mind I have only just unpacked it – as you can see the plug etc are still in the little bags they came in.  I still have to learn to use it ha ha – that will be fun.

From sewing to stitching and here was the progress I made last week on Kokeshi Dolls.2018.1.14

I completed the 2nd doll and decided to leave it there and go back to Garden Alphabet as next weekend will be SAL Sunday.

I am working hard on cards, mainly for me at the moment, with lots of birthdays coming up in February and March.  These are ones for friends and family that do not read my blog – I think I only have one birthday (in March) for a blog reader.  I am not going to comment on them I will just share and hope you enjoy looking.2A3A4A25A16A1DSCF5757DSCF5758DSCF5759DSCF5762DSCF57682211That’s all for now folks, and I will be back on Sunday with my Sal Update.

Hugs to you all


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My first cards of 2018.

First I want to wish all my readers a very Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year.  I hope 2018 will be kind to you all.

I had been looking at starting a separate card for blogs this year, however I sometimes find it hard to find enough to share in one blog without running two.  So if you do not enjoy one of my hobbies or card making or stitching, then please feel free to ignore those you do not wish to see.  Although I make no apologise for the fact that some posts may cover both subjects.  Today however it is just cards so here are a few of the first ones made in 2018.2This is my favourite.  I first stamped the card with butterflies and then embossed them in white.  The card was then coloured using “Pretty In Pink” Colour Cloud.  The butterflies were from an old birthday card and the silver oval was cut from the waste left over from some precut toppers (never waste anything if I can help it).  A few pearls completed the topper and a couple of blossom branches each side added the final touch.  I may eventually add a greeting at the bottom when I need this one as I am putting it in the box for me.7aNext is pretty steampunk style New Home card.  The little house is stamped with a new Woodware clear stamp called Build a Home. This is using the roof and just three of the many sections included in this stamp. The background is lightly stamped and embossed with sea foam clocks and they covered with three pastel colour clouds.6

Using another Woodware clear stamp called Daisy Bird.  The card was just a piece of speckled mint colour card I had in stock and I just folded it in half to make a C5 card base.  A plain white frame and a piece of embossed which was lightly rubbed over with Versa Magic in “Aquatic Splash” to make the mat.  Stamped image is coloured using paper pieces and painted with distress inks.1This was a quick and easy one using an embossing folder and stamp set that came free in a recent magazine buy (I only buy a mag if I think the freebie is worth the money – then treat the mag as the freebie lol).  The bottom used part of the embossing folder and the stamp at the top is onto the middle section of the folder.  The stamps, both sentiment and butterflies were with the set.  The butterfly is an old topper from my stash.3Using another sentiment and different butterflies from the freebie set, and my Sue Wilson – Heraldic Square, cutting die.  A bit of ribbon and some pearls to embellish – this was another quick and easy one.9Lastly, using the Swiss background die from Sue Wilson.  Each layer was cut as a single piece and then using double sided tape behind the fretwork and adding a pale peachy/pink  glitter to the top of it then mounting each layer, a few gems and some silk flowers to finish it.  The difference in colour between the three layers is unfortunately not a trick of the camera, if does actually look like this, though I have no idea why as the same tape and the same glitter were used on each one.

This does seem a rather long post, though its only six card, so if I have bored the pants of you I apologise – not –  (its your own fault I warned you not to read if you were not interested in card making ha ha.

I hope to have some more cards to share next weekend as unfortunately with doing both pieces of present stitching for the SAL you will only see these every three weeks until at least on of them is finished. Mind I am hoping it will not take too long to get my first happy dance of the year.

Thank you for visiting and taking the time to read.  Please leave a comment if you have a minute as I love to hear from you.






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SUNDAY SAL – Garden Alphabet 2

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.  Apart from Christmas day, when my son cooked for the whole family at his house, we have had a fairly quiet Christmas.  This suited me fine as, with all the Christmas cards now out of the way, I had time to sit and stitch far more than I have recently.  This means fairly good progress on both Garden Alphabet and Kokeshi Dolls.  So without further ado here is show time.

Last time.

and today:-

GARDEN ALPHABET 2017.12.30 Queen Anne’s Lace was finished and I also managed to complete the Rose.  Not sure where I go next with this as really I feel that it ought to be some more border stitching – we will see lol.


KOKESHI DOLLS 2017.12.30and the first complete doll.

I also wanted to share a picture of my ornament tree which still has lots of space but I never completed the ornaments I stitched.  It was difficult to get a picture of this and this being the only half decent one I managed cuts off the bottom so the slightly larger ornaments are missing – I guess the nice thing about not finishing my own ornaments is that the ones I have on the tree are from friends.  Also a picture of the lovely Santa that my dh treated me too when we were out doing Christmas shopping.

Lastly my friend Ann asked me to take pictures of my Christmas Village so just for her, though the rest of you have to share, here it is – taken over 4 pictures because I couldn’t fit it on one.

Please take the time to visit the others who are taking part in this SAL.  As we live all over the world some may not have posted yet so please make allowance for this.  We all do our own thing so there are some super projects to see.

Wishing you all a very Happy and Healthy New Year.
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SAL SUNDAY – Garden Alphabet 1

I guess most of us will be in the same boat this time.  So busy with Christmas that not a lot has been achieved on the stitching front, well it’s certainly true for me anyway.

2017.11.19aThis was how it stood when I shared with you last time.  As I am not keen on stitching the border I decided it should be where I made a start, so this is how it looks now.DSCF5712As I do not feel so pressurised with this one,  I thought it would be nice to have something else to stitch and flick between the two.  A while back  (in March) I had a naughty new start when Claire kindly sent me the chart for Kokeshi Dolls.  This is what I shared when I returned from my holiday back then 1. MARCH 2017and this is how they look nowDSCF5713Looking at the pictures and comparing them with last times, I am rather pleased to see I actually achieved more than I thought I had.

I have been quiet of late, a) because I have tried to spend far less time on the computer and b) because I have been busy with my own Christmas cards.  I have not wanted to share with you until they had all winged their way to my friends as a few of them actually come and peep at what I share on here.  Hopefully the last ones will go in the post tomorrow so I may be able to share soon.   I can however share the one I made for my daughter as  I gave it to her today.  DSCF5710

Please go and visit all the others who do this SAL.  We all work on very different projects and you will see some amazing things.


That’s all for now, but before I go I would like to take the opportunity to wish all the wonderful people who take part in this sal and the many others who visit me here, a very happy and blessed Christmas.  I hope you all get the chance to share your day with those you love and that Peace will bless you and yours throughout the season and the year to follow.
ps if you wonder why my fabrics look so different it is because I usually manage to take my pictures in daylight but the latest ones were taken about 10.30 last night.
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