SAL SUNDAY – Ravenhill Herb Farm #2

I am really enjoying stitching this one. I have not stitched everyday but just when I have been in the mood and think its bring my mojo back. I do hope so as I am lost when I am not stitching..

Last time it looked like this :-


There have been a few drop out recently so we are down to a much more manageable group now, so why not pop and see what everyone else is up to. If you would like to join us then please contact Avis. (first name on the list).


Thank you for once again taking the time to read and comment on my blog and the work shown in it. Hope you are all getting your vaccinations against Covid now. I am pleased to say most of my family have had both their jabs now, just my son and grandson to get there 2nd ones and my sons is the beginning of June and Grandsons is the 20th June – day before his 19th Birthday. If you are still waiting on yours then please take care and stay safe.

Sending Hugs to you all

About stitchingranny

I am one of those people who need to have busy hands so whether its stitching or papercrafting, I am always doing something. I also love being in the garden, though hubby does most of the work there these days.
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21 Responses to SAL SUNDAY – Ravenhill Herb Farm #2

  1. craftycreeky says:

    It’s so pretty Helen, I love the different stitchesin the design too

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  2. Cathie J says:

    Oh wow, you have done a lot of pretty stitching lately.

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  3. kathyreeves says:

    Love that little garden, and the specialty stitches too!


  4. You really have got your mojo back 🙂 Very brave to do the cut thread work. I used to do it at school but can’t even think about cutting threads now. Really pretty so far!


  5. claire93 says:

    this is going to be beautiful ^^

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  6. teamwilsun says:

    Lovely, and so much progress! I agree with Avis, the cut thread work is very brave!

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  7. Christina says:

    Helen, you’ve made some amazing and beautiful progress! Love seeing these special stitches bring this scenery to life 🙂

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  8. rutigt says:

    This is really beautiful! Great progress!

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  9. wybrow1966 says:

    So pretty, glad to hear your mojo is returning.

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  10. Lindashee says:

    This is absolutely beautiful, I love the detail in this! I’m the same with cross stitch, I tried other crafts and somehow this has remained my favourite, it’s a good balance between no hassle and “creative” simpler things like puzzles and paint by number don’t give me as much a sense of accomplishment. If I’m down, cross stitch usually soothes me and on a good day it lifts my spirit.

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  11. I think these days its called Mindful, but whatever it is called as you say it soothes the spirit and gives me a sense of peace. xx


  12. Renee says:

    Wow! You made a lot of progress. Some day, I need to try a project with cut thread work. Yours is looking great!


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