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Hello my crafty friends.  On Sunday we had our first outing into the big wide world outside the front door.  We went to visit with my son and daughter in law but of course we did not go to see them.  My grandson was celebrating his 18th birthday and he was the person we wanted to see.  We kept our social distance but it was still nice to do something that felt like normal.  So here is a picture of the young man himself with the birthday present from his parents.  thumbnail_IMG_1674 he is mad about Land Rovers and Jeeps but not only are they extremely expensive but he would not be able to afford the insurance and running costs one of those beasts would cost.  However he did get one from us as you can see from this picture.FOR OSCAR'S 18THNot quite as expensive to run, this is  the card I made for him.   His other love is roller coasters and his mum made him a roller coaster cake which he thought was great.  I thought so too, what do you think ?thumbnail_IMG_1666  For me life has been about stitching and card making so I will just share a few of my favourite cards from recent makes.   Actually apart from Oscars card, the only other normal cards I have made in the last month have been for a New Baby, A New Home and a Get Well card.

2. For Maggie & John Pearson3. For Sheila & Geoff GathFOR JAN FLY

Everything else has been Christmas cards.   The monthly sketch challenge for June was this one from Freshly Made Sketches.

6.TNS SKETCHI cannot say that I was very impressed with this one, but using one of my recyled toppers and some paper which seemed to go (though I did not like it);  I ended up with a card I thought was fairly reasonable.


On the weekly card challenge I was much happier with the cards I made.  Week 22 challenge was an all white card.  this one was very white and very sparkly, though unfortunately sparkle is difficult to show in a photograph.  Made using an embossing folder that was gifted to me by a friend. Wk 22

Week 23  was to make An Elegant Christmas card.  I chose this Josephine Wall artwork from a Joanna Sheen CD.  I love all the artwork on this cd but this is a favourite Wk 23

Week 24 was Make a Scene (without having a tantrum) lol.  So another recycled card was used to make this one. Wk 24 - 1 Week 26 was Silhouette.  I made this backing paper a white ago using a gold gilding polish from Creative Expressions.  It seemed to team perfectly with this lovely little Christmas Story die.   Wk 25

and this week was week 26 and the challenge was to paint something.  I have been playing with watercolour paints recently so thought that is what I would do.  It was not as adventurous as some of the beautiful paint techniques that others in the group did but I was happy with it. Wk 26  So if you have managed to make it to here then well done.

I hope you are all still staying safe and staying aware. We are far from being out of the woods so far and it worries me a bit that everything is being really more relaxed just as those of us who have been shielding are getting ready to venture out into the world again.  Whilst I know life has got to get back to normal eventually I for one am going to be taking things slowly. Baby steps will be quite big enough for me to cope with lol.

As always I will thank you for visiting, it is always much appreciated and whilst I love receiving comments on here, I am just as happy with the comments I get from those who I know and speak to personally.  I know a number of people who have given up blogging because they do not have enough followers or do not get enough comments.  But I write my blog for me as a sort of crafty diary, and when you are kind enough to leave a comment, a like or decide to follow this little bit of me, its a lovely bonus, like getting the cherry on top of the cake.

Hugs to Everyone

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  1. kathyreeves says:

    Do you feel like you have escaped from prison?! Enjoy lots of sunshine, and visiting with your family, even if its from afar. I am on my first full week of seeing students live; doing the disinfecting after each family, and having a mask fashion show….crazy!

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