March is fading …

and I am finding it hard to face the fact that I haven’t posted since the middle of February.

Well I do apologise dear readers, and I really don’t have much of an excuse.  Of course the world has turned upside down for us here in the UK, but then I guess no matter where you are in the world it is the same for you too.  Is there anywhere that has managed to completely avoid this dreaded virus.  I hope where possible you are all staying home and staying safe.

At the end of February we went off to the first of three early holidays we had booked.  It was to Andalucia in Spain.  We were staying in a beautiful little town called Antequera.  Our first day was spent wandering around but we didn’t bother going up to the castle as we thought we would leave that until the last day of the holiday when we had another free day.  The town was busy the shops and cafes were quaint and the temperature was 30 degrees, all just perfect.  The following day we went with our party of 26 people to Cordoba.  Another beautiful little town.  Where we visited amongst other places a beautiful Mosque.  This was very different to any Mosque we had ever visited before as it had been used for other religious too until the 11th century when it had been converted to a Christian Church.  It was like a massive Mosque with a church built in the middle of it.  If you ever get the chance this place is well worth a visit.  Though I took the photos on my ipad so I haven’t got any here to share with you.

The following day (the Saturday) we set out for Granada, another beautiful city.  On the way our tour guide got a call to say that the Cathedral we were supposed to be visiting had been closed.  A small disappointment but nothing to worry about.  However as the day went on one after another of the places that were on our itenary we found had been closed.  Though the town was busy many of the shops had also been closed.

On arriving back to our hotel we found the reason.  We would not be going on any more of our tours as Spain had declared a State of Emergency.  The hotel was locked and we would not be leaving again until we went home.  A little daunting but we good food, good company and the sun was shining so we would make the best of it.  The bar was closed but there were glasses and wine etc on a table in the lounge and we could help ourselves and sign for what we had on a trust basis.    However on the Monday evening as we were having dinner the police drove by and decided we were too close together and the restruant was to be closed and we were to stay in our rooms.  Tuesday was three meals of white bread sandwiches, and a bottle of water.  Luckily we had some biscuits in our room and managed to save ourselves from starving on those lol.  We however were allowed to go out our rooms for exercise walking round the hotel and in the courtyard (swimming pool had been closed).  So between meals we all walked in the courtyard and got round total isolation that way.  Wednesday we were flown home.  We left Malaga airport with the staff all masked up and looking like something from Star Wars to arrived back in the uk where everything seemed completely normal – not a mask in site no health check (which we were all expecting) and vague advice that we would be best to isolate ourselves for 14 days.  This changed when we saw on tv that as the so called “elderly” over 70 but not old I can assure you.  We had to self isolate for 12 weeks, so we are being good and following the advice.  Our son and a couple of close neighbours have shopped when necessary and as we get our medication through a postal service we are doing fine now.  Our next holiday in April was to Jordan, Petra and Jerusalem obviously that will no longer be going ahead and the May trip touring Scotland (all hotels and B&B’s booked in advance) will not be going ahead either.  The only other trip we have booked is not until November so we are keeping our fingers crossed that one may go ahead.

Take care each and everyone of you and do your very best to stay safe.  Hopefully if we all obey the rules we may get back to normal sooner rather than later.

Blessings and Hugs to you all


About stitchingranny

I am one of those people who need to have busy hands so whether its stitching or papercrafting, I am always doing something. I also love being in the garden, though hubby does most of the work there these days.
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2 Responses to March is fading …

  1. kathyreeves says:

    Helen, so glad to see your post, I was thinking about you earlier this week, wondering if you had been anywhere scary when this broke. I’m glad to hear that you are both well after two weeks, that has to be a bit of a relief. We are still able to be out and about, but keeping it to a minimum. I was going to get 2 baby ducks for pets (they were going to live in the garden,) but I think we may put that on hold. They would need a little house to sleep in, and I’m not sure we have the odds and ends necessary to construct it, so I will probably wait for next year. I am teaching my piano lessons online, so nothing has stopped here!


  2. Goodness what an end to your holiday, it’s scary how quickly life has changed although I know it’s not for ever. It’s lovely to hear that you are ok and staying safe. Jenny xx


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