Experimental Playtime.

Good morning dear crafty friends.   I have been playing and experimenting with new techniques.  Though my results  had varying degrees of satisfaction, with my determination to waste less they have all been made into cards.

It all started when the postie delivered these from my friend Kay. from kay clarke - jan 2019 I have been wanting to try doing some  napkin techniques for a while, but dare I risk spoiling them.  I was showing them to another friend who said she had some old ones I could use first.  She returned later with these.from me   So the next morning I retreated to my craft room to play.

12This was the first technique I tried. It uses double sided adhesive sheets and as you can probably tell glitter.  Though this looks as though it was a success I actually ended up with it back to front and as there was writing below I almost threw it away.  But most mistakes in card making are easily remedied if you think about them so the wording was chopped off, I printed a mat with some wording on it that I liked and Hey Presto card number one.  The second was the same technique but I got it the correct way this time. 13  Before anyone starts querying why I used the same design they will see the first 4 have the same picture as napkins usually repeat the pattern on each corner and I don’t want to waste anything at this point.  The next technique I tried was to spray the card with glue and carefully lay the napkin over it.  Then supposedly when you are happy you can trim the edges.  I soon found that whether you are happy or not you are not going to move the napkin once its on the card.  So though it had gone on a little wonky I went with it .  14The other problem with this card was I had been a little heavy handed with the spray glue and it started to come through the napkin so I sprinkled some glitter over it, which has given it a sparkly look without being as in your face as the double sided adhesive one was.  So card number three looks like I was drinking the wine whilst making the card.

The last quarter of the napkin I tried out what is called a faux glassine technique, and this turned out to be my favourite finish.  It starts with a class mat (in my case, though you can do it on a plastic sheet like an open plastic bag for instance).  You lay down a layer of decoupage glue or mod podge.  I used the first of these then carefully lay the napkin over it trying not to get too many creases (easier said than done) and put another layer of the glue over the top. Leave to dry overnight and carefully peel it off your mat.  Then trim it and use.  It has an almost parchment like finish and seems brighter and clearer than the original napkin.15

Whilst going through You tube to watch how these techniques were done. I came across one that used baby oil on any untreated paper i.e. backing paper, copy paper, and even printed copy paper to make a faux parchment paper.  I, like most card makers, have a few paper I am not keen on and the one I used was from a magazine.  It was quick, easy, and I was pleased with the result.  This paper ended up a lot brighter and to me more usable look that it had originally been and though, maybe in this case, not as transparent as real parchment I can certainly see my fingers through it when its being held.  I used it to make a much needed Christmas card – total of three now for 2019.

3I now need to get some more cards made and some more stitching done.  However I shall certainly use the two final techniques again and I want to see if I can stamp on to them when they are done.  With regard to the baby  oil trial one thing that did surprise me was after leaving it overnight  there was no trace or feel of oil on the paper.  I placed it between two sheets of kitchen roll and rubbed really well but no mark left on that either.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at my experiments and if you fancy having a go just type “napkin techniques” into the google or you tube search bar.

All for now folks and hope to see you again soon.

Hugs to all who need them,


About stitchingranny

I am one of those people who need to have busy hands so whether its stitching or papercrafting, I am always doing something. I also love being in the garden, though hubby does most of the work there these days.
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3 Responses to Experimental Playtime.

  1. claire93 says:

    as I was reading your first attempt with napkin, I wondered why you weren’t using the “decopatch” technique, with glue varnish . . . but I see that was the method you used for the fourth ^^
    Takes a bit longer to make cards that way, but I think the finished effect is better.
    You do know, you can use paper napkins to decoration wooden boxes etc too, don’t you? Need to give wood a coat of white paint first but it works a treat.


  2. kathyreeves says:

    There’s a wealth of knowledge in this post, Helen. I had no idea you could do things like this with napkins!


  3. Nor did I Kathy. Its a very recent discovery and was good fun. There are still more techniques but nothing else for far that I have felt like trying out, or have tried out in the past like faux leather. Since joining a card group I have enjoyed trying many thing I had not heard of before. xx


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