Wishing you Happiness, Health and Love in 2019

Hello Dear Crafting friends, and a big welcome to my first post of 2019.

For this year I have set myself some goals

The first was mentioned in my last post and that was to use something new from my stash with each card I make. Secondly I want to use as many recycled bits as possible in my card making.  Ribbon and old Christmas / Birthday cards are obvious, but I hope to look for things that are not so obvious too.  Not sure how successful this aim will be but I do like to think that something that would have gone in the bin is being used to good purpose.  And thirdly I want to try some new techniques, both with inks and in things like card folds etc.

The last is to get Garden Alphabet finished.  With that done I can get out the next UFO from my now (I am thankful to say) shrinking store.  Simple aims I think but hopefully they will test me and keep a fresh feel to my card making and keep me focused on finishing some more of the long held projects in my cross stitch basket.

Back to the first goal and so far I have made four cards this year.  All birthday cards,  the first using two sets of dies from my daughter.  Both by Sue Wilson, I used Gemini Crux die (just the centre part) and from the Frames and Tags collection I used Phoebe.DSCF6634          This is one I posted last time 8and this next one is using the 2nd die from that set:  These just cut into the card though I would not be hard to trim round them with scissors if you wished to place them on top of the card.DSCF6628   The last two are using dies I have had a while but I had bought them to do this Eclipse technique with and was too busy to take the time it needed to place the dies correctly.  It was actually easier than I had anticipated.  The first was for my brother, and the second for a friend.  I do think the second was an improvement but a technique that still needs practice.  I also die cut the letters in funky foam rather than using lots of little foam pads but even though I was very careful the foam still shows in places.  If you have done this Eclipse technique yourself and can offer any advise please do tell me.DSCF6636DSCF6635

Lastly I will leave you with The Little Owl who now has a body.DSCF6637

The next time you see him he should have another wing too, and I’m sure that will be soon.  I have been struggling with Wisteria but now seem to have got to grips with it so hopefully that will be done by Sunday and I can get back to this little chap.

Thanks for all the support I have received in the last 12 months and I look forward to hearing from you this year too.










About stitchingranny

I am one of those people who need to have busy hands so whether its stitching or papercrafting, I am always doing something. I also love being in the garden, though hubby does most of the work there these days.
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8 Responses to Wishing you Happiness, Health and Love in 2019

  1. Your cards are amazing!! I bought some supplies and tools at a party about a year ago, cut have yet to use them. This may be the inspiration that I need!


    • Hi Connie, not sure what you have bought but all your really need is card stock and glue. Lots of extras and fancy bits can be got from The Works; and The Range have a really good stock, but if you are just starting then I would recommend keeping it simple. Dies are a beautiful accessory but its easy to spend a fortune on things that will not actually do a lot. Stamps too, so until you find what bits your enjoy try and keep it cheap. Expensive certainly does not always represent the best value whatever the tv channels tell you (and you can usually buy things on line for a lot less than they charge). Gems are a good thing to have but again keep it simple white or cream pearls for card making are the most useful thing.
      I have a whole craft room full of things but I have made cards most of my life (I got hooked at school when I was about 5 so almost 70 years lol). Have fun and please ask if you are not sure. AND recycle all those old Christmas cards you were about to take to the recycling (another money saving idea).


  2. Great goals Helen and what a beautiful selection of cards. I especially love the garden of life one. Your owl is super too. Looking forward to seeing how he develops 🙂


  3. kathyreeves says:

    Helen, you will be proud of me. I made thank you cards for Christmas gifts received this year. I made them like postcards, and used some wrapping paper on the front, with a little circle that said Thank you! That’s about as good as it gets for me, but I did it after reading your last post!


    • So proud of you dear friend, hope you took a picture to post too. I keep looking at Claires little animals and thinking I could have a go, but I wont know if I don’t try. At the moment my craft room looks like a bomb site as I am doing a major sort out. So once that is done I may have a little more time so watch this space lol xxx

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  4. Catherine says:

    All the best for the new year! Your cards as always are beautiful and that owl is so cute!


  5. Thankyou Catherine, hope you had a lovely sunshiny Christmas and Happy New Year to you also xx


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