Wonderful Wednesday – One

I have been very lax with posting to my blog recently and have made up my mind that I am going to try and post once a week.  It will mainly be, but not exclusively, about cards.  Firstly my stitching mojo has returned a little.  I have managed to stitch a little on my SAL piece, which is Garden Alphabet, on both of the last two evenings.  I will share this project only in the SAL Sunday posts though.  I am going to try and do some more this week and then next week hopefully, I will go back to Dolls – which I will share here.

I am full of plans, and all I need to do is find the will power to stick to them, instead of going off at a tangent as I am inclined to do at times, well a lot of the time actually.

As you know I have been really into my cards since returning from holiday, getting over the withdrawl symptoms of going almost two months and not making any.  Firstly I want to share a couple of parchment cards I made.  The first was made using a groovi plate.  I got the chance to try this and wanted to see what I thought.  In my opinion I can now say that I still think they are a lot of money (from about 7 or 8 pounds for the smaller ones), when all you can do is the same traced lines over and over again.  Its certainly quicker than normal tracing and then embossing but unless you learn all the other techniques, like pricking, cutting and embossed shading and grid work then you are not going to end up as a Parcher. So here it is and it is only the outline for the little flowery background that is done on the groovi plate.17. 2018.4.11. The second one was to practice with a new tool I had bought.  018. 2018.4.23 I have been very lax with Christmas cards this year.  Normally by April I have a nice little stash starting to mount but for some reason I just could not summon the inclination or inspiration for this task.  Then I saw a facebook group called “Make On Christmas Card Every Week during 2018”.  Long title but thought it might inspire me so I joined and wow when I started looking at all the cards people had made my head started buzzing with new ideas.  Here are a few of the dozen or so I made this week alone.


Lastly, some more stamped cards.  These all made using free stamps.

3134 I do hope you enjoyed looking at them.

Take care and hope to be back next week with more things to share.




About stitchingranny

I am one of those people who need to have busy hands so whether its stitching or papercrafting, I am always doing something. I also love being in the garden, though hubby does most of the work there these days.
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4 Responses to Wonderful Wednesday – One

  1. claire93 says:

    those butterfly cards are all so beautiful and delicate! And I see you’re starting early for xmas!


    • Thank you Claire. I love parchment, but as it can take me two or three days to complete one, my hands get tired when I am doing the cutting and grid work especially, then I do not make many.


  2. kathyreeves says:

    Yes, yes and yes! That Facebook page is really giving you ideas, so many different things here!


  3. Thanks Kathy. Yes trouble is my head is 6 months work ahead of my capabilities lol.

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