Oops I did it again…

On the 29th June I posted that I had won a craft die from Sue Wilson, the second thing I had one this year.  Kathy from Sewing etc said that I should buy a lottery ticket.  I kept meaning too but never remembered when I was in town and then I forgot all about it.  On Saturday I checked my emails and there was my monthly newsletter from Joanna Sheen – one of my favourite online craft shops, so after I got a cappuccino I settled down to read, and imagine my surprise when I got to the Readers Card Of the Month and found it was mine.  I sent this card in last year when they were asking readers to make a card using current selling lines, and explain how it was made.  I made a card using the Tom Mielko, Project book, though this is not one of the cards featured in the book, all the elements are from the cd which is included with it (apart from verse).

This is the card, one you have seen before or maybe you have seen something similar as this is my kinda card.Img_0397.202744

and it has won me a £10.00 voucher to use at Joanna Sheen’s online store, so Kathy, thanks – things do come in threes.

Hugs to all



About stitchingranny

I am one of those people who need to have busy hands so whether its stitching or papercrafting, I am always doing something. I also love being in the garden, though hubby does most of the work there these days.
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8 Responses to Oops I did it again…

  1. kathyreeves says:

    Congrats, but now I think you DEFINITELY should have bought a lottery ticket!😂


    • Actually that was the first thought that went through my head too Kathy, alas I missed my chance, but I don’t know if I am cut out to be a millionaire. When I am looking at craft shopping I enjoy the challenge of seeing how much and what I can buy with my pennies, would it be less rewarding if I could just buy whatever, whenever, without a thought. (might be nice to find out though lol)

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  2. Congratulations Helen!! Lovely card :grinning:


  3. Well done you, it’s a lovely card. It’s so much more satisfying spending won money xx


  4. Thank you and you are so right. I keep looking and trying to decide what to get.


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