This month I thought it was time to play.  I am sure you have in your stash, things you bought at a show, but have never really used, the impulse buy because it looked good, but then once home you cannot see a place for it.   Well I have several things like this, either never or rarely used and it seemed like a good time to have a play, so this is what I have been up to.  Not all my efforts are as pleasing as I would like but I have posted them anyway.

Firstly there are a trio of fairies, all cut from my Portrait machine.



For the background on this one I used Silkies from Imagination crafts, painted on with a thick brush and a little water. A pleasing result as the silkies  add a lovely pearlescent sheen to the card.

DSCF4964Not so pleasing is this one.  It was using Pan Pastels and despite looking quite deep colours, when I used them I found it took quite a lot of work to leave any colour on the card. I know these are quite expensive and you can add water to paint with them, so I may have to try that at some point, but from the results here I certainly would not purchase more of these.


This was just using a scrap of card behind the wings, on which I tried a little Creative Expressions Guilding Wax.  I used an amethyst and a gold in small patches and then polished them up, glue to the back and trimmed and then with a glue pen I went over the outline of the wings and added a little glitter.  The picture does not do this credit – the wax has a beautiful sheen; there are no definitive outlines between the two colours and yet they both shine quite differently.


I again used the Imagination Craft Silkies (and a little of their Sparkle Texture Paste) on this one.  Trying to paint through a mask I tried to get some of the colours to blend.  Unfortunately they definitely did not blend, though I was quite pleased with the results.  Not perfect by any means but there is just something about the lovely pearly sheen you get with this paint that I really like.


This was using a tiny heart from playing with parchment. The larger heart was a freebie from somewhere or other and the wording was just to practice stamping. I am not good at stamping but have some lovely stamps so another thing to play with soon.

If you have any experience with any of these products, and have some useful tips, I would love to hear from you.

Best Wishes


About stitchingranny

I am one of those people who need to have busy hands so whether its stitching or papercrafting, I am always doing something. I also love being in the garden, though hubby does most of the work there these days.
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