Okavango Delta – part one

I have split this part of our trip into two parts as I have had such a job to narrow the amount of pictures down to a workable amount.


Our home at Pom Pom Camp.


From Namibia we returned to Kasane to fly (in a little tiny aircraft that held just four passengers), down to the Okavango Delta, and Pom Pom Camp.  This was the place we liked best, as it was quiet and peaceful, with the friendliest of staff and wild animals roaming around at all times.

I thought I would start this  with a picture of our home whilst we were there.  Yes a tent, though not too basic, below are some pictures of the inside of our tent.






and lastly our outdoor shower


Our first full day here  was spent mainly on the lake in front of our tent.  But first I want to share the animals that were wandering about on the afternoon we arrived.  These pictures were all taken from our balcony.  We made a drink and went to sit outside, we had only been there a few minutes when three young male elephants arrived  to the left of our tent, and a family of five  to our right, though we assumed they were all part of the same herd.








There were always lots of Pied Kingfishers in the tree next to our tent, one day we actually counted 11 of them.




and these beautiful little Water Bucks wandered everywhere round the camp though the slightest noise would soon make them disappear, they were so timid.


I was rather nervous the following day when were going to go out on the mokoro to see the lake.  The mokoro is like a dug out canoe which holds two people sitting and the guide who stands and propels the vessel along with a large pole.  These are the traditional boats used for thousands of years in this area. 3334





This is a Jacana but it is more commonly called a Jesus Bird because it appears to walk on the water.


I think we were the entertainment, as most of the animals we saw on land, stopped to watch us sail by.



this was the view of our tent taken from the water.


and back to the lodge at last.


This was a lovely peaceful way to travel and we saw lots of different birds, tiny red frogs about the size of my smallest finger nail, and lovely flowers like the little snowdrop water lilies.  Unfortunately my photographic skills are way to slender to capture a lot from a small rocking boat. It was one of the nicest days we had, and that is saying a lot as we enjoyed every day of this holiday.

Next time I will bring you the 2nd part, which covered our third day and was another safari.

Thanks for taking the time to read and look at all these pictures, and to those who have had the time to leave comments or email me to comment, you are all so kind.

















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